paul kenneth - chicago painter

Paul Kenneth is a painter who currently lives and works in Chicago, IL.

About: In September of 1985, Paul Kenneth was born in a log cabin nestled in the woods of Minnesota. His days were spent running wild with the animals of the forest. At night he would look up at the moon and ponder his simple existence. In 2005 Paul decided to set out on a great adventure so he moved to Chicago to become a painter. For many years he painted day and night until one day in 2010 he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. For the last six years Paul has dedicated his life to his painting practice while continuing to live in Chicago.

Statement: As an artist with a focus in portraiture I am constantly interrogating the norms and boundaries of the figure painting genre. My painting practice entails equal parts of chance, improvisation, and calculated elements of realism combined to create humorous painting mutations. With determination I strive to depict the variety of forms, both real and imagined, that the human and animal body can conform to. The work that I create has an affinity for the strange, awkward, and grotesque while always maintaining a strong sense of sincerity.

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